++ System Change Camp in Hamburg will take place ++ Prohibition by Hamburg assembly authority illegitimate ++

The Hamburg Administrative Court has granted the emergency appeal of the alliance, which organizes the large System Change Camp from August 9 to 15 in Hamburg, in the matter and clarified that infrastructure such as kitchen and sleeping tents fall under the protection of the right of assembly. For this morning at 10am the alliance had invited to a rally in front of Hamburg City Hall under the motto “This is all covered by the freedom of assembly!

Hamburg, 03.08.2022, Press Release

“We are pleased that now also the court has clarified that our protest is protected by the right of assembly,” explains Toni Lux, one of the spokeswomen for the camp organizers. “However, the areas offered to us are much too small and not suitable for our protest camp. We won’t let the authorities push us to the outskirts of the city, because our camp is there precisely to create a place where we can get into conversation with the people of Hamburg*.”

The assembly authorities had assigned a smaller and less central area to the protest camp. The administrative court has not made a final decision in this regard.

Inti from Abya Yala Anticolonial, a collective of Latin American women who continue the struggle against the colonial order, says: “We think it is important that the camp is central and visible to all. The issue of climate change affects us all. We are here because you are destroying our territories, our Pacha Mama. Because our voices from the Global South need to be heard, which is where social and environmental activists are being murdered or criminalized.”

More than 30 political groups have joined forces for the System Change Camp in Hamburg. It aims to unite the struggles of climate policy movements, anti-colonial and anti-militarist groups. Up to 6,000 participants are expected.


Contact Information

E-Mail: systemchange_camp@riseup.net
Toni Lux: +49 152 13084785
Charly Dietz: +49 163 681 1776
Luka Scott: +49 177 9705757





Groups and alliances involved:

Abya Yala Anticolonial,
Aktionsbündnis Kesselbambule,
Animal Rebellion,
Antifa Hoheluft,
Colombia Solidaria Hamburgo,
Debt for Climate!,
Ende Gelände,
Extinction Rebellion,
FAU Hamburg,
Gegenstrom Hamburg,
Gemeinsam gegen die Tierindustrie,
Grüne Jugend Hamburg,
Internationale Sozialistische Organisation,
Interventionistische Linke,
Klimakollektiv Oldenburg,
Klimatreffen Hamburg,
Lützerath Lebt,
Rettet Hamburgs Natur,
Rheinmetall Entwaffnen,
RWE & Co enteignen,
Sand im Getriebe,
Seebrücke Berlin,
Transform LEJ,
…ums Ganze!,
Ung Vänster Göteborg & Bohuslän,
Wald statt Asphalt,
We are Plan C,
Women Defend Rojava


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