Tear down barriers! Information about barriers at the camp and in action in 2022

At Ende Gelände we are in a continuous learning process towards more inclusive activism. Information about this learning process in recent years can be found here. Similar to last year, we would like to use an assistance buddy system to connect people who need or can offer assistance before, during and after the action. We have an e-mail for this: barrierearm-in-die-aktion@ende-gelaende.org (PGP available on request). You are most welcome to ask for assistance or general needs to this e-mail; or get in touch if you can imagine to provide assistance.

On the camp

For us as Camp Working Group, organising camps is an ongoing learning process: we are aware that the camp structures were not ideal for many people in the past. In preparation, we do our best to make the camp as barrier-free, discrimination-free and sensitive to racism as possible and to address specific needs.

In exchange with different people and structures, we have already planned some things that will hopefully enable more people to participate and feel comfortable at the camp.

If you have any further needs or comments, please contact us at camp.fuer.alle@ende-gelaende.org.

We are planning the following facilities at the camp. However, whether we can implement these depends on the location of the camp, which is currently being negotiated in a court case.

  • Quiet accommodation (limited)
  • Childcare and a children’s tent: there are a few people who can take on shifts. We will clarify the exact need for childcare and how we want to provide it together at a first plenary on Thursday at the children’s tent. Parallel to the action there will be a registered demo, which is good for families with children.
  • translation of plenums and events German-English-Spanish and a little French
  • an awareness team and tent
  • a medical tent and the possibility to refrigerate medicines there
  • electricity for charging battery-powered wheelchairs
  • wheelchair accessible toilets (2 toilets)
  • a place for shaving
  • On-site arrival/arrival assistance if needed; please request before arrival (shuttle@ende-gelaende.org)
  • a contact person for further needs can be found at the camp info point
  • arrangement of buddies/assistance on the camp
  • limited accommodation on cots (we currently have about 10 cots – please send an email to camp.fuer.alle@ende-gelaende.org if you want to use them, then we can estimate if we should get more)
  • an effort to provide information in easy language
  • hopefully wheelchair accessible paths in case of rain (updates to follow)

If you already know that some of these things are important for you, such as a charging station or a camp bed, please let us know now by sending an email to camp.fuer.alle@ende-gelaende.org so that we can plan this better 😊

We are looking forward to you and a joint action!

In action

It is not yet clear how accessible the actions will be this year. We will publish all further information about it here as soon as it is available. If you have any questions, please write to us at barrierearm-in-die-aktion@ende-gelaende.org (PGP available on request).