Stop Coal. Systemchange now!

  • Since february 2020Protests at coal-fired power plant Datteln IV
  • 16. - 19.05. 2020EGGE: Shell must fall - Den Haag (NL)
  • Around the 27th of SeptemberEnde Gelände, Rhineland Open Pit mines

Travel by Bike

Different, specific information about the Lusatia Action in the autumn 2019 will little by little be summarized here.

The information below was compiled for the Rhineland Action in the summer 2019 and can
not always be applied 1 to 1 the Lusatia Action in the autumn 2019.

The best way to come to Ende Gelände is naturally the bike 😉 . It’s only 50 km (2-3h) from Cologne to the pits where the camp will be. If you live further away and you t more people to join your crew, write us: busmobi@ende-gelaende.org (PGP-Key). We will add you to this map.