Action-Logistics / -Support, Camp & Care

Different, specific information about the Lusatia Action in the autumn 2019 will little by little be summarized here.

The information below was compiled for the Rhineland Action in the summer 2019 and can
not always be applied 1 to 1 the Lusatia Action in the autumn 2019.

Creating Ende Gelände as a joint event – we seek support for camp and action

Dear Ende Gelände folks and interested people,

Our action in June 2019 is getting closer – soon we will see each other in the Rhineland!

Our working groups are working at full speed, in cities everywhere people are mobilising diligently – but for the action to succeed, more is needed.

Various open tasks have to be completed. From the distribution of material to the activists to the construction and dismantling of the camp, there are many possibilities to be part of Ende Gelände, no matter if you want to participate in the action or not. To get an insight into the tasks, you will find a list with short descriptions at the bottom of this page.

Beside the tasks mentioned below there will be a lot of room for creativity where we can let off steam spontaneously and creatively. At the same time there will also be some work before and after the action days for all of us which needs people on site at short notice.

Arrive early; be sure that there are also some important things to do outside of the action; think about whether you can stay a few days longer and regularly check on the camp info desk and the action logistics!

We are looking forward to seeing you!
Your Ende Gelände action logistics and camp crew

People who set up and dismantle the camp

We want a camp – and that has to be set up and dismantled. If you want to be there from the very beginning to learn what a camp for several thousand people needs (tents, water, electricity, toilets, etc.) – then you’ve come to the right place! Besides clearly defined tasks there is also a lot of room to design spaces yourself, to do handicrafts and to be creative. We want everything to be set up right before the activists arrive. Therefore the construction begins on Saturday (15 June). If you want to be there for dismantling – please plan to stay until Thursday (27 June)!

Picket supervisors

No Ende Gelände action without pickets – and no picket without people who take care of it! These registered meetings allow us to have safe places to rest, take care of ourselves and reorientate. The picket shifts last approx. 3-4h and are taken over by at least 3 people.

Chairwo/men* of pickets

If you feel like taking care of pickets, you could also imagine taking the formal chair of the picket. This means first and foremost that you must use your clear name during police contact. For all interested there are of course more detailed information and an introduction.


Whether people or material – before, during and after the action, a lot has to be transported from A to B. Drivers are always on the move as a tandem. If you can imagine taking on shifts as drivers, please let us know if you can also drive a truck or a car with a trailer.

People who distribute material

Thousands of white suits, dust masks, democracy protection films – before the action, the well-known End Gelände equipment must be distributed to the activists. This requires people to take care of the material distribution at the camp (in shifts).

People who help in the kitchen

You want to touchingly take care of thousands of activists? Then the kitchen might be your place to be, because no activist likes to go hungry into action. Whether peeling the potatoes, cutting the vegetables or using the cooking spoon – there are many different tasks in the kitchen. If you want to help in the kitchen, simply search for us at the campt site.

Childcare at the camp site

In terms of time activism is difficult to organise for many people with children. That is why we organise self-governed care. So parents and other caregivers of children can participate in the adult program and the children don’t get bored. We see this as a statement for inclusion and accessibility. Whether there is also care during the action depends on the needs of people on site. There will be a children’s tent. Come there if you want to get involved.

Tasks that are not in the list

Kiosk support, same at the bar, clean toilets and take shifts at the camp info point. You can interpret? There certainly will be a need for that as well. Have a look at the camp info point, there you will probably see for which tasks people are still needed spontaneously and in shifts!

Let‘s go – Ende Gelände!