9th of Juni: Fossil fuels, conflict and militarisation – The struggle against gas as anti-colonial resistance

ROOTS OF RESISTANCE: Learning from Frontline Struggles, with Ilham Rawoot and Fernando. Start: 7pm

Titelbild Roots of Resistance mit Text: "Online Event: Fossile Brennstoffe, Konflikte und Militarisierung - Der Kampf gegen Gas als Antikolonialer Widerstand mit Ilham Rawoot und Fernando, 9. Juni 19 Uhr"

Violence in all its forms was a precondition for colonialism and it is at the core of fossil capitalism. Violence against indigenous and peasant communities was and is a central pillar of the playbook that erase(d) other cultures and ways of living. These are the same tactics that make the expansion of the fossil fuel-industry complex and related forms of extractivism possible. In their insatiable pursuit of new regions to exploit, fossil fuel corporations, sponsered by states and economic elites, displace communities and destabilize territories, triggering conflicts that most of the times involve military and paramilitary forces. That storyline has ben repeating itself over and over again in different parts of the world.

In this online session, Ilham Rawoot from Justiça Ambiental/Friends of the Earth Mozambique will guide us through the disastrous actions of the french corporation Total, that has been creating disaster and suffering in the province of Cabo Delgado in Mozambique with their plans of future gas extraction and the construction of the Afungi LNG Park.

Fernando will illustrate how fracking, the construction of new gas pipelines, thermo or hydroelectric plants in the territory today called Mexico, is an example of how colonial logic is still in force. The struggle against the PIM (Morelos Integral Project) or the struggle of the Yaqui communities such as Loma Bácum against the construction of the “Sonora Gas Pipeline” need to be heard.

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The event will take place here: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/87447273509


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