Stop Coal. System Change now!

After the demo is before the action

Now more than ever – WE’RE NOT FINISHED YET
Together with many other groups, we will continue to defend Lützerath on Tuesday in a big action!

Im Vordergrund ein gelbes X wie ein Verkehrsschild, im Hintergrund ein Kohlebagger. Text in Großbuchstaben: JETZT ERST RECHT. 17.01. Massenaktion. Unten rechts das Logo von Lützerath Unräumbar // In the foreground a yellow X like a traffic sign, in the background a coal excavator. Text in capital letters: NOW MORE THAN EVER. 17.01. Mass action. Bottom right: the logo of Lützerath Unräumbar

Now more than ever – mass action on the 17th of January

The demo yesterday with 35,000 people has shown that we can make the eviction a disaster for big business.
Together with many other groups, we will continue to defend Lützerath on Tuesday in a big action!

We remain the investment risk!

We are all united by the knowledge that the lignite under Lützerath must remain in the ground.
We demand an immediate stop to the eviction and we will not be intimidated by the repression by RWE Securities and the police!

Grab your favorite buddy, pack your affinity group and come NOW to #UnserAllerCamp and support the movement on the ground!

Many demonstrators with rain gear and backpacks on a field. In the background, Lützerath, police tubs and wind turbines. Grey, cloudy wind. Logo Lützerath Unräumbar Text-Sharepic: After the demo is before the action. The demo on Saturday with 35,000 people showed that we can turn the eviction into a disaster for big business. Together with many other groups we will continue to defend Lützerath in a big action on Tuesday! Logo Lützerath Unräumbar

Photo from a drone on the coal pit and the coal excavator. Lützerath can be seen above the edge of the pit. The logo of Lützerath Unräumbar is on the bottom right. Logo Lützerath Unräumbar, below the logos of the different groups; Ende Gelände, Letzte Generation, XR, ... ums Ganze, System Change Not Climate Change, FFF, Alle Dörfer bleiben, a.o.


++ Ende Gelände blocks the Rhenish mining area ++ Coal excavators in the Inden open pit mine and coal railroad to the Neurath power plant are at a standstill ++ “Lützerath lives! From now on, Lützerath is everywhere!” ++

17. January 2023 After the village of Lützerath was evicted yesterday despite fierce resistance, today climate activists* of the alliance Ende Gelände are blocking lignite infrastructure in the Rhenish coalfield. Since early morning, around 50 activists have been occupying a coal excavator in the Inden open pit mine, while an action group of around 150 people has been blocking the tracks of the North-South coal railroad to the Neurath power plant. Ende Gelände is part of the coalition “Lützerath Unräumbar” and had announced civil disobedience against the coal company RWE for today. The action alliance wants to achieve the immediate stop of brown coal and the exit from all fossil energies. Continue reading ...

++ “Who attacks Lützerath, attacks our future” ++ Action alliance “Lützerath Unräumbar” announces massive resistance against the expansion of the Garzweiler open pit lignite mine ++

9. January 2023 The action alliance "Lützerath Unräumbar" has announced massive resistance against the destruction of the village of Lützerath at the edge of the Garzweiler II open pit lignite mine. For the 17.01.2023 "Lützerath Unräumbar" has called for a united day of action. Already in the coming days, individual groups of the alliance want to resist the currently ongoing preparations for the eviction and against the demolition of the village. Continue reading ...