Anti-Racist Infomail #1 – General Recommendations

General listening and reading recommendations from Ende Gelände Antira AG Berlin

Dear people fighting for Climate Justice,

since many climate groups would like be do more anti-racist work, we thought that from now on could share more information material with you, with which we deal in the EG Berlin Anti-racism AG. We are happy if ALL, especially white people, feel addressed to check out the materials and to question what position they take within the system of racism and to think about what role this plays in their activism and in their political groups.

We start today with a few general recommendations. Do not feel overloaded: Maybe you could start by picking 1 or 2 things and read, listen to or look at them and try to talk to someone in your environment about them.

Here is something for everyone: books, movies, series, social media (in German and English):

And podcasts (mostly in German):

And another classic:

The next Infomail will be about tokenism.

We hope that this will be another small impulse for starting anti-racism reflections!

Solidarity greetings,

your Antira AG from EG Berlin



13. September 2023 Welcome to newsletter number 22, a schnapps number this time. Fittingly, we are celebrating our birthday this year and are still here for you after 10 years - because repression has unfortunately not stopped. The focus this time is on how the police actually identify people from whom they have not received any personal data, based on our experiences so far. Continue reading ...