Stop Coal. System Change now!

Call to protest for climate justice on 27.03. (3 p.m. at Holzmarkt Tübingen)!

Let’s take the resistance against climate change and the fight for
globally just transformations to the streets. Let´s conquer the fossil
capitalism! Let’s keep up the pressure after the Global Strike on the
19th of March!

++ More than 5 years after the Paris Climate Agreement: Governments and institutions have absolutely failed to limit global warming to 1.5°C. Instead, we are heading towards a soon uncontrollable climate crisis of over 3°C global warming! A global climate uprising is needed to break the power of the fossil fuel industry and bring globally just transformations.

++ The impacts of this crisis are distributed extremely uneven. We need a climate movement that understands that the climate crisis is closely linked to the colonial exploitation of the global South! The struggle for climate justice must be anticolonial and anti-racist!

–> On Saturday, 27th of March, at 3 p.m., we want to protest together mindfully and fierce against climate INjustice. Because the time to act is NOW!  We want to  set a sign responsibly and with distance for a continued strong movement for climate justice – even in times of the pandemic. Our starting point will be the market place in front of the city hall. Then we will walk through Haagtorplatz, Stadtgraben to Zinser Dreieck as the final point.

–> Come colorful, bring your friends and demo signs (please no party signs)!  Flowing through barriers – we want to create solidary and barrier-free spaces. Unfortunately, this call is not yet barrier-free. We want to support your individual needs and enable as many people as possible to participate at the demo. We will provide wheelchair assistance. Please contact us if and how we can support you.

++ We ask you to keep the Corona distance rules and to wear a (medical) mask at the demo.

++  Climate justice, let´s do it!  #climateuprising #BlockLocal #ThinkGlobal #stopclimateINjustice

Your EG Tübingen

Together with: Migrantifa Tübingen ++ Women defend Rojava ++ Fridays for Future Tübingen  ++ Attac Tübingen-Reutlingen

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