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Ende Gelände went Shell Must Fall

Despite the corona pandemic, solidarity actions took place in various European cities, in Germany e.g. in Hamburg, Cologne, Aachen and Greifswald

On May 19th 2020 Shell Must Fall had planned a big blockade of Shell‘s annual general meeting. Due to the Corona pandemic Shell had to reduce its meeting to just two shareholders and also the protest had to downsize to be secure in times of social distancing.

Nevertheless, solidarity action were taken in several European countries. In Germany there were solidarity actions in Hamburg, Cologne, Aachen and Greifswald crowned by a cycling demonstration in Berlin and the squatting of a Shell gas station in Munich. Although, we all were looking forward to travel to the Netherlands and to protest side to side with our Dutch comrades, the decentralized action day against Shell was a huge success. Shell will fall!

We still don’t know how Shell Must Fall will on but you can find the newest information under