Event program at the System Change Camp

The complete English translations of the program descriptions are now available as a PDF in chronological order. For the specific locations, and last-minute changes, please check the analog version at the camp!

Übersichtsplan eines Programms für Mittwoch. Es wird aufgeteilt nach Zeitslots und Orten des Programmpunkts. Leider können wir hier nur ein paar der Programmpunkte wiedergeben, helfen euch aber auf dem Camp gerne mir Orientierung Barrierefreiheit. Frühstück, Mittagessen und Abendessen haben dieselben Zeiten wie am Dienstag. Im Vaca Muerta Zelt ist von 09:30 Uhr bis 11:30 Uhr Wasserstoff und Klimagerechtigkeit 1 Baustein der Energiewende oder False Solution Danach Wasserstoff und Klimagerechtigkeit 2 Importe und Energiekolonialität Im Permian Basin Zelt ist von 14:30 Uhr bis 16 Uhr Die Hoffnung stirbt zuletzt vom Kippunkt Kollektiv danach Callout to action to international groups End Fossil:Occupy Im Zirkuszelt ist ab 19:30 Uhr ein Podium From mass blockades to sabotage What comes after mass actions of civil disobedience Außerdem gibt es mehr Programm im Okavango Delta Zelt im Yamal Peninsula Zelt und mehr Workshops von ums Ganze und Abya Yala Anticolonial in den gleichnamigen Zelten

The PDF can be found here. There are 10 main venues at the camp. The big circus tent, the Yamal Peninsula, Vaca Muerta, Okavango Delta, Permian Basin and the “…ums Ganze!” tent. In addition, there is the MAPA Space, the BIPoC Space and the self-organised tent of Abya Yala Anticolonial. In addition to the program in the tents, some events will also take place outdoors or in the Hamburg city area.

Of course, there will also be music program, screen printing, spontaneous workshops, information stands, etc.

The events can be interpreted (at least via whisper translation) into German, English and Spanish (limited French and Polish). If you can interpret/translate into other languages, please contact us, we are still looking for interpreters/translators.

You would like to participate in the program?
Please come to our tent next to the infopoint and talk to us!

Aquí puede encontrar un PDF con la traducción completa al español de las descripciones de los programas, ordenadas por días y cronológicamente. Para conocer los lugares concretos y los cambios de última hora, consulte la versión analógica en la tienda del programa.


Camp planning weekend

28. April 2023 From 05-07 May we will meet in Southern Lower Saxony to start planning the Ende Gelände Camp. There is a lot of momentum and a motivated camp group is looking forward to your support! Continue reading ...

Newsletter #2/23

7. April 2023 The year 2023 started with the eviction of Lützerath, cops in the mud and several court cases. And also the new action year is just around the corner, the planning starts and we invite you to be part of it! That's why we have a few dates and updates for you today. Have fun reading! Continue reading ...


18. March 2023 Hello! The year 2023 started with the eviction of Lützerath, cops in the mud and several trials. We are back, this time we recommend you the EA evaluation of Lützerath and have a focus on jail, special pre-trial detention and how you can best prepare for this stupid situation. We hope to answer some questions in your heads with this. Continue reading ...

Block the european gas conference: Let’s break the grip of the fossil gas lobby! Power to the People!

22. February 2023 Join us in Vienna to rise up against rising energy bills and rising temperatures! From 26-29 March, we will BLOCK and SHUT DOWN the European Gas Conference in Vienna. Let’s show the corporations and lobbyists that continue to chain us to fossil gas that we will STOP THEM from destroying our planet, robbing people of their livelihoods and taking countless lives across the Global South. Continue reading ...