International Call for disobedient actions, 11th & 12th Dec 2020

5 years after Paris – #FightForOnePointFive

After 5 years of the Paris Agreement, governments and institutions have totally failed to take any measures that would prevent an 1,5º C global temperature increase. If we keep relying on governments’ action, the climate crisis will become uncontrollable within a few years, resulting in the degradation of the human living conditions, which is first affecting the poorest people in the global South. We cannot allow that to happen! Governments are intertwined with the fossil fuel industry that rely on permanent capital growth. We will have to shut down the CO2 emissions ourselves./

/On the 11th and 12th of December 2020, 5 years after the Paris Agreement, amidst the Covid-19 and climate crises, we call for global, decentralized actions of civil disobedience against the polluters. We do that to state clearly that the time to wait on governments’ actions is over! We need a global Climate Uprising that will challenge the power of the fossil fuel industry and fight for a just transition to a economic system that respects the natural boundaries of the earth.

We take climate action into our own hands!


The following groups signed the call:

  • Ende Gelände (Germany)
  • Climaximo (Portugal)
  • Block Baltic Pipe (Denmark)
  • Extinction Rebellion (France)
  • Stop Westcastor (Germany)
  • Det Fælles Bedste – For the Common Good (Denmark)
  • Green Anticapitalist Front – GAF London (UK)
  • Fossil Free Münster (Germany)
  • Riseup4climatejustice (Italy)
  • Salzburger Plattform gegen Atomgefahren – PLAGE (Austria)
  • Gastivists Collective


Newsletter #54

23. July 2021 The end of the month is coming, and with it our resistant action in Brunsbüttel and Hamburg! You will find the most important, (pre)last information in this newsletter. We will inform you about the two planned action zones, how to get there and how to register, the camp, hygiene concept and some important legal information. Continue reading ...

Berlin, 25.7.: BIPoC+white-passing migrants Actiontraining

This training is an all-gender training for BIPoC individuals. If you are unsure about your positioning, feel free to contact us. If you as BIPoCs have reservations or conditions about having people with white-passing privilege in the training, also feel free to contact us. *During the training there is also the possibility to split the group again for specific content*. We want to continue the process of alliance-building while achieving a baver space for all Continue reading ...

Global Call to Action on July 30th!

8. July 2021 No fracking! No fossil gas boom! Shut down colonialism and fossil fuel capitalism! Join us in an international action day against fossil gas expansion and fracking! On July 30th, we make it clear we will not accept this colonialism, environmental destruction and climate fraud! Continue reading ...

Newsletter #53 – Put an end to neo-colonial industry – worldwide!

22. June 2021 Here we are again - with very fresh news for you! First, we continue to highlight our Ende Gelände summer action from 29 June - 02 August 2021 in Brunsbüttel, which is also part of international days of action against natural gas. Here you can find information about why Brunsbüttel is the perfect place for a resistance against the gas industry and how you can become part of the international day of action. Plus, there's a message from Argentina on top. Continue reading ...