++ More than one thousand Ende Gelände activists have reached their action goal ++ Freight traffic in the port of Hamburg blocked ++ Police uses massive violence against climate activists ++

Since noon today, more than one thousand climate activists have blocked several rail sections and access roads in the port of Hamburg. All groups of Ende Gelände have achieved their action goal and interrupted cargo traffic in the entire port area with blockades. They are protesting against the expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure and colonial supply chains. The blockades are currently continuing.

Charly Dietz, spokesperson for Ende Gelände: “The climate crisis is getting worse and worse. But instead of finally phasing out gas, the German coast is to be covered with LNG terminals. Of all things, the big companies that are killing the climate are receiving billions in subsidies, while rising prices and fossil fuel inflation are becoming a risk of poverty for many people. This shows clearly: we are not in an energy crisis, but a capitalist distribution crisis. With our blockades in the port of Hamburg, we are successfully resisting corporate power and standing up for climate justice.”

The police had tried to stop the activists with a large force. They used batons, pepper spray and water cannons. A group of activists has been denied supply of drinking water for hours. Medics and the press are also not allowed to pass through the group. Parliamentary observers are on site.

Luka Scott, also a spokesperson for Ende Gelände, adds: “What we are witnessing here is a large-scale attack by the police  of Hamburg on democracy and freedom of assembly. The interior authority had already tried to prevent our protest camp beforehand and was overruled twice in court. Now we are experiencing a new peak of police violence and arbitrariness against our climate protests. The state authorities are once again turning into henchmen of the fossil fuel industry. We will not be intimidated and will continue our protest.”

In addition to Ende Gelände, other groups took part in the day of action. The central Koehlbrand Bridge near the port of Hamburg was also blocked by climate activists.

Contact details

E-mail: presse@ende-gelaende.org

Charly Dietz: +49 163 681 1776

Luka Scott: +49 177 9705757

Contact details parliamentary observers

Stephen Jersch, 0177 7537724

Miriam Block, 0176 70484404





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Action Report 2022

10. September 2022 Ende Gelände again had many and also new things planned for the action in 2022, while at the same time we wanted to build on existing concepts. Early in the action year, it was clear that the main topic should remain gas and the possible LNG terminals. Hamburg and the surrounding area were selected as the action location. Continue reading ...