Stop Coal. Protect the Climate!

  • Starting february 2020Protests at coal-fired power plant Datteln IV
  • August 2020Ende Gelände, Rhineland Open Pit mines

Occupation of power plant Datteln 4 a huge success

“And this was only the beginning!”

On Sunday, Feb 2, ca 150 people from Ende Gelände and DeCOALonize Europe occupied the premises of the coal-fired power station Datteln 4 near Dortmund, Germany. For nine hours they blocked loading facilities and band-conveyors. They protested against the desastrous coal-law of the German government. According to this law, coal will be phased out as late as 2038; utilities will be paid billions of Euros in recompensation, and the new power plant Datteln 4 is supposed to be connected to the grid later this year. A NEW coal plant while Australia is still burning? We will not let this happen. We will fight against Datteln 4 as we fought to protect the Hambach forest

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Invitation to the “System Change” conference +++ 13 to 15 March in Marburg

7. February 2020 Hundreds of thousands of us demonstrated, and went on strikes and blockades for climate justice and climate protection last year. We certainly see some positive results – but it is also becoming obvious that we will not be able to achieve satisfactory solutions within the existing system. Therefore, it is high time to make the slogan “System Change not Climate Change” as a climate justice movement more concrete together. Continue reading ...