Socially and climate-just mobility transition now! Nationwide decentralised days of action on 5/6 June

Ende Gelände local groups are also mobilising for the decentralised days of action and will be participating in the actions on 5/6 June.

There are many ideas that will be implemented across Germany together with other actors, ranging from solidarity photos to banner drops, visits to forest occupations to (bicycle) demonstrations. There will be joint public relations work so that all actions, whether large or small, find their place and are seen.

If you want to take part  or if you have any questiions please write to

All information on how you can spontaneously participate in the action days can be found here (german only):



++ More than one thousand Ende Gelände activists have reached their action goal ++ Freight traffic in the port of Hamburg blocked ++ Police uses massive violence against climate activists ++

Since noon today, more than one thousand climate activists have blocked several rail sections and access roads in the port of Hamburg. All groups of Ende Gelände have achieved their action goal and interrupted cargo traffic in the entire port area with blockades. They are protesting against the expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure and colonial supply chains. The blockades are currently continuing. Continue reading ...

Awareness Concept & Info System Change Camp Hamburg 2022

5. August 2022 Awareness is a concept that stands against any form of discrimination, violence and border violation. Violating and boundary crossing behavior, such as sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, classist or similar attacks will not be tolerated at the System Change Camp. What this means for our work as an awareness team at the camp can be read in our awareness concept. Continue reading ...