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  • Since february 2020Protests at coal-fired power plant Datteln IV
  • 16. - 19.05. 2020EGGE: Shell must fall - Den Haag (NL)
  • Around the 27th of SeptemberEnde Gelände, Rhineland Open Pit mines

Solidarity with the activists from Limity jsme my

The people who did the civil disobedience action in the lignite mine in the Czech Republic in 2018 are facing big repression.
Please, if you can or if you know somebody who can support, share this info + link and support them financially, if possible:

support the activists


The coal industry representatives around the world are fighting tooth and nail to suppress power of the growing movement which exposes devastating impact of their activity and protests against their dirty business. The Czech Mining Authority is imposing penalties worth thousands of CZK to brave people who entered the Bílina mine last summer protesting against its expansion. The Severočeské doly company, a part of the ČEZ Group, which operates the mine also sent letters before court action to almost a hundred people demanding a penalty of more than CZK 600,000. Support us and help us provide these climate activists with legal consultancy.

We are facing climate emergency. We have at best a couple of decades to abandon fossil fuels completely. If we want to avoid global warming of more than 1.5 degree Celsius, we need to reduce emissions by 65% in the next decade and stop burning coal. Otherwise, we will be facing catastrophic and irreversible climate change. Yet ČEZ is going to increase coal mining by 8% in the next year, expand mining limits in the Bílina lignite mine and sell Počerady, the dirtiest Czech power station, to the notorious coal baron Pavel Tykač instead of shutting it down. It is this unsustainable, irresponsible and unacceptable policy that people are calling attention to. Civil disobedience is perfectly appropriate in a situation like this.

ČEZ is one of the most profitable companies in the Czech Republic. Its top management received CZK 22 million on bonuses in 2017 only, thanks to the Severočeské doly company. The amount claimed from activists is negligible for them, but devastating for an ordinary person. It is thus clearly a purposive attempt to silence protests pointing to harms caused by the coal industry. We are ready to resist these attempts together and with all our might. And so we are asking you for help as well. We would appreciate your financial support to ensure legal help for all people that ČEZ tries to intimidate and discourage.

You can also launch your own fund-raising campaign or a benefit concert – there are no limits for imagination! United we can make it and nobody will be left alone. Repression cannot stop us. Whether the coal industry likes it or not, the climate justice movement will carry on and continue to grow. You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep spring from coming! Until the last coal mine and the last coal-fired power station is shut down, We Are the Limits!


Change of plan: sorry for that!

13. March 2020 Dear activists, friends and groups connected to EG, you're wondering why the Ende Gelände mass action isn't announced for the 8. August anymore, but for the weekend around the 27. September instead? We aim to explain how this decision was made. Continue reading ...

Invitation to the “System Change” conference +++ 13 to 15 March in Marburg

7. February 2020 Hundreds of thousands of us demonstrated, and went on strikes and blockades for climate justice and climate protection last year. We certainly see some positive results – but it is also becoming obvious that we will not be able to achieve satisfactory solutions within the existing system. Therefore, it is high time to make the slogan “System Change not Climate Change” as a climate justice movement more concrete together. Continue reading ...