Packing List 2022

This year our camp will start at the beginning of August – we are expecting summer weather (i.e. sun and relatively hot temperature). But even in summer, there is a chance of heavy rain and thunderstorms, so be sure to bring good rain gear. As during our last actions, there may be overnight blockades – if you’d like to join these, come prepared for that. And in any case,  come with your affinity group!

This year there will be a big camp in Hamburg. Since not all people who join the camp, may also wish to join actions outside of the camp, this list is divided into two parts.

For the Action

  • White suit
  • Antigen rapid tests: Please get organized on antigen self-tests! Do at least three: before arrival, at the camp and after departure. Remember that these tests should be stored between 15-30 degrees Celsius.
  • Please bring FFP2 masks (if they are not on sale in your country, you can buy them in German at drug stores, pharmacies and some super markets). Important: please use masks without an exhalation valve, otherwise you will not protect others! Please bring enough masks with you, also to be able to change them regularly in case of longer blockades. For people for whom this is a financial problem, there will be a limited amount of masks available on site. For more detail refer to the hygiene concept.
  • Ballpoint pens (to fill out the Corona tracking lists individually)
  • Your personal legal team number. You can generate it here
  • Waterproof and sturdy shoes (e.g. hiking boots)
  • Sturdy, old clothes that may get dirty (dress in layers for evening, night and early morning)
  • Please also bring an extra set of plain, “mainstream” clothes, in order not to be directly recognizable as a climate activist
  • Rain jacket/rain pants
  • Umbrella (preferably with a political message)
  • Sunscreen (for the summer heat)
  • Some kind of tarp/material to create shade (there may be little natural shade this year) and to be used as rain and wind protection or for an improvised toilet)
  • Scarf, cap or hat (useful for many purposes: protection against cold, against pepper spray, as a bandage, …)
  • Food: bring your own favourite candy bars, special diet foods, and snacks for the action (generally, we will provide food at the camp)
  • Refillable water bottles (at least 2 liters per person); suction bottles are handy for rinsing out eyes
  • First aid kit for minor injuries (e.g. 1 kit per affinity group)
  • Rescue blanket (gold/silver foil) – good for cold and strong sun
  • Medication you will need on a regular basis for the time you plan to stay in the action and possible times in custody
  • Superglue, needle and also a thread if necessary
  • Identification papers, in case you need to and want to identify yourself to the police.
  • Some change in case the police take you into custody and let you go somewhere far away from the camp (we try to arrange transportation for this case, but can’t promise that we will always succeed)
  • Old sleeping bag to supplement warmth for the night; survival/emergency sleeping bags are handy for protecting your sleeping bag – you can also get a sturdier space blanket and make a sleeping bag out of it.
  • Mat / sleeping pad that can get dirty and is not too prone to tearing.
  • Flashlight or headlamp
  • Banner with political messages if you like
  • Objects with which you can put fossil capitalism permanently out of action if you like to do so (again, please read the action consensus)
  • City map of Hamburg
  • Decoration (preferably ecological) for the action locations; if you already know what color your finger will be, then match it 😉
  • Books, card games, etc. for longer blockades
  • Robust musical instruments
  • Please read our tips on anti-racist prevention in advance. Feel free to print out the texts you want to read if you want reading material during the blockade.

Make sure that your luggage is not too heavy. You must be able to move with it to action locations – possibly also sometimes at a somewhat brisker pace.

Only for the Camp

  • Enough FFP2 masks for the camp – see details above
  • Tent
  • Sleeping bag
  • Sleeping mat
  • Weatherproof clothing (e.g. wool socks, long underwear as needed)
  • Possibly rubber boots in case of heavy rain
  • Washing kit and towel
  • Headphones with jack plug to be able to listen to translations of talks
  • Donation money for the kitchen and camp (recommended donation is 10-15 €/day)
  • Also great: donate online before the action 🙂

What you should leave at home (or at your place of accommodation):

  • Everything that contains information about you and that you don’t necessarily need in the action (e.g. calendars, private phones, passports for glasses, towels with your name on them …).
  • Anything that could be construed as a weapon (yes, even your favourite little pocket knife).
  • In case the police use tear gas or pepper spray, it is better to avoid using fat creams or makeup and not wear contact lenses.
  • Consider wearing jewelry that may prove uncomfortable in the event of police contact (for example, evicting a blockade)
  • Camera (enough pictures will be taken by photographers working for us).
  • And, of course, a blockade is not the right place for consuming or carrying alcohol and illegal drugs.