Packing List

What to bring for the action

  • Robust shoes (preferably hiking boots)
  • Robust, old clothes that may get dirty (preferably with long sleeves protecting you against the sun) and are warm enough during the night as well (long underwear etc.)
  • A piece of cloth/scarf (useful for many purposes: protection against the sun and the cold, against, pepper spray and tear gas, bandage…)
  • The signature Ende Gelände dust protection white suits and masks (in case available, if not we will have some for you at the camp)
  • Protection against sun and rain (ideally with a political message on them)
  • Food (including “real” food and some treats)
  • A sufficient amount of water (at least 3 liters), for drinking and rinsing your eyes after use of tear gas or similar by the police
  • Sun lotion
  • First aid kit for smaller injuries
  • Rescue/thermal blanket (the gold/silver ones) – good for sunshine and cold
  • An amount of any medicine you need to take regularly that is sufficient for the period you intend to stay in the action plus a bit of extra in case you get detained
  • Banners with political messages
  • Some nice and eco-friendly decoration for the place of action
  • Books, playing cards or anything else to keep you busy when in a long-lasting blockade
  • Musical instruments that are not too sensitive (could get dirty or broken)
  • Re-fillable water bottles (this time we will try to bring water canisters to blockades rather than buying thousands of water bottles, so it is important you have some kind of containers with you)
  • Identity papers in case you wish to identify yourself in case you get detained
  • In case you intend to stay in the action for bit longer and throughout the night, sleeping bags and/or blanket that can get dirty, torn or missing in action; we will have straw bags in the camp for you, though.
  • Torch in case the action goes on through the night
  • Tarpaulins to protect you against cold and rain
  • A small amount of money which may come in handy when police detains you and then releases you at a distance from the camp and you may need to make your way back (of course, we will try to provide transportation in this case, but better safe ….)

However, please make sure your baggage is not too heavy in the end – you need to be able to move with it after all (at times possibly quickly).

What not to bring to the action

(leave at home or the camp)

  • Anything that contains information about yourself and/or other people and that you do not need urgently during the action (e.g. calendars, your normal phones, documents showing medical information)
  • Anything that could be considered a weapon (yes, in doubt please also leave even your beloved Suisse pocket knife in the camp).
  • For the (unlikely) event that police will resort to using pepper spray or tear gas, it is better not to put on make up or lotions with a high content of fat; for the same reason; it is better not to wear contact lenses. Please also consider whether you need to wear jewellery – it may not be really convenient when, for example, a sit-in blockade is evicted by the police.

What to bring for the camp:

  • a tent
  • a sleeping bag
  • a sleeping mat
  • warm clothes