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Getting There

Plan Your Journey now!

The action will take place from Wednesday the 19th to Monday the 24th 2019 in the Rhineland. Unfortunately, like last year, we can only provide precise information about the camp location just a couple of days before it starts. But what we can know so far: The Ende Gelände action will be in the Rhineland Open Pit Mines, most likely near the Garzweiler Mine.

It will be close to the small towns of Erkelenz, Mönchengladbach and Grevenbroich, which can be reached via public transport. By now it is not sure, which train station will be the nearest. Therefore it is best to book only as far as Cologne station and buy the ticket for the rest of the route at or shortly before your arrival.

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Travel by Bus

Would you like to organize a bus to this years Ende Gelände mass action of civil inobedience? Then you will be interessted in our most recent and updated ‘How to Bus – organize your local bus to Ende Gelände 2019‘ (DE/EN). Even, if you’ve never done it before, you might be able to, after reading this guide!

Travel by Bike

The most beautiful (and climate-neutral) journey is of course by bike. If you are not too far away from the area or if you want to go on a longer tour, have a look at this map. If you arrive in a group and you are still happy about other people, write us and we will enter your starting point and people can still join you.

Travel by Car

You can also come by car. However there might not be enough parking space near the camp and you will have longer walking distances. As soon as we have more information available we will inform you. Cars can also be used in th action for shuttles, so please consider if you car is available for this as well.

What to bring?

Informations about what to bring you can find in our packing list.


You have any more questions on how to get there or you need support with the organization of busses? Just contact us:

busmobi@ende-gelaende.org (PGP-Key)