Getting There

As opposed to the other Ende Gelände actions, we have decided in Lusatia for a new kind of travel concept. This time there will be no central overnight camp, instead overnight stays in Berlin, Dresden and Leipzig will be organized. From these cities there will be a coordinated common journey on the action day into the district.

Where to go?

For the mass action we will gather in Berlin, Dresden or Leipzig.
In addition to a variety of travel options (bicycle, hitchhiking, bus, train or car) there will also be a joint bus journey from different cities. If you want to organize a bus there is a guide for you. If you arrive individually, come to Berlin. If you arrive as a group, please contact (PGP key)! So we can distribute you well to the cities and provide enough sleeping places community kitchens etc.!

On this map you can find all the organized busses that will join the action:

When to arrive?

A good preparation is enormously important for a good and safe action. You will be able to arrive on Thursday, we recommend you to be in the cities until Friday (29 November) 9 am. So you still have enough time to participate in action trainings and plenaries. Even if you feel well prepared and ready for action, you should arrive by 16 o’clock at the latest. A good preparation consists at least of an action training and a standing affinity group.

What to bring?

Have a look at the Packing List.

Overnight stay

In the cities of Berlin, Dresden and Leipzig various overnight accommodations are organized. If a friend* or acquaintance of yours has accommodation and overnight accommodations for activists*, each sleeping place will help to relieve the strain on the Orga.

Sleeping places are distributed via the accomodation plattform. If you live in Leipzig, Dresden or Berlin, consider whether you want to offer a place to sleep. If you need a place to sleep, have a look around.

Information on the individual cities of arrival:

Click on the name of the city and follow the links to find out about the programm in the local city:





Contact for busses and questions regarding arrival: (PGP-Key)

If you have any questions regarding the sleeping situation please contact: (PGP-Key)