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Action Report 2022

10. September 2022 Ende Gelände again had many and also new things planned for the action in 2022, while at the same time we wanted to build on existing concepts. Early in the action year, it was clear that the main topic should remain gas and the possible LNG terminals. Hamburg and the surrounding area were selected as the action location. Continue reading ...

++ Ende Gelände ends a successful week of action ++ Major gas consumers and liquefied natural gas terminal construction site blocked ++ Port of Hamburg paralyzed for nine hours++

14. August 2022 Ende Gelände has enden its week of action for climate justice and against the expansion of fossil infrastructure. From the 9th to the 14th of August 2022, with actions of civil disobedience the alliance for climate justice has drawn attention to the connection between climate crisis and colonial economic structures. Continue reading ...

++ More than one thousand Ende Gelände activists have reached their action goal ++ Freight traffic in the port of Hamburg blocked ++ Police uses massive violence against climate activists ++

Since noon today, more than one thousand climate activists have blocked several rail sections and access roads in the port of Hamburg. All groups of Ende Gelände have achieved their action goal and interrupted cargo traffic in the entire port area with blockades. They are protesting against the expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure and colonial supply chains. The blockades are currently continuing. Continue reading ...

Everything you need to know about the action (in advance)

With our action this year we initiate the immediate gas phase-out and stop the construction of LNG terminals. In doing so, we stand up against the underlying neocolonial structures of fossil capitalism. You can find all the information in the Call for Action and on our info page on gas.

The mass action will take place as part of the System Change Camp in Hamburg on the Elly Wiesen near Volkspark Altona (August 9 – 15). We highly recommend to plan for the full period, because after 2 years of pandemic and isolation we take the space for exchange, networking and a great program! If that’s not possible, you can find the information about the most important action plenums below on this page, where you should be at the latest.

We keep English in mind on the camp and in action. Information about accessibility can be found here.

Before the Arrival

We give you tips and information for your journey and a packing list. We have developed a hygiene concept so that we can all go safely into the action despite the pandemic. In the Take Care you will find advice for your physical and mental safety.

Make sure you familiarize yourself with the legal information about the action before it starts. There you will also find the legal aid brochure (currently only available in German, English version coming soon) for Schleswig-Holstein, which is also valid for Hamburg with a few deviations. In order for you to receive legal support anonymously in case of emergency, generate an EA number for yourself.

If you have never been to Ende Gelände before, it is best to take part in an action training beforehand. We also recommend that you form a reference group for the action. There will also be last minute action trainings at the camp and the possibility to find a reference group.

We want to initiate and continue an anti-racist reflection process within Ende Gelände. But we also want to encourage all activists who come to the camp to deal with anti-racism, especially white people. For this purpose we recommend the anti-racist brochure for activists as a PDF in german, english and french. In addition, we would like to recommend you read the information for an anti-racist approach in the upcoming action. We would like to ask you to engage with cultural appropriation in its different forms. Please note, among other things, the information on dealing with white locks at the camp. And finally, because there can never be enough anti-racist reading material, here is a collection of materials to engage with various issues.

At the Camp and in Action

We will be very happy if you support the action by your help at the contact points, camps, Küfas (kitchen and food) and so on. For this purpose there is the participation tool.

The heart of the preparation are the regular action plenums at the camp, where you will get all relevant information on a daily basis. There will be an important plenum taking place on Thursday 6pm that you should attend to. Other plena will take place on Friday and Saturday 7pm.

In all our actions we stick to the action consensus.

During the action period our support structures will take care of you as best as possible. Nevertheless, please prepare yourselves in such a way that you can provide for yourselves as a reference group.

For more specific and individual enquiries, there is a Action-Info-Tent on site. You can reach them at the following number: +49 163 4493 097.


If it gets to be too much for you after the action or at the camp, you will find distance, peace and an open ear at Out of Action.

Unfortunately there is always repression against individuals after the action to weaken us as a movement. If you receive mail after the action, please contact the Legal Team for All at (PGP-Schlüssel) – we will not leave you alone in case of repression!

And if you feel like continuing to be active, check out your local group or join a working group at the alliance level.