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  • Seit Februar 2020Proteste am Kohlekraftwerk Datteln IV
  • 16. - 19. Mai 2020EGGE: Shell must fall - Den Haag (NL)
  • Rund um den 27. September 2020Ende Gelände, Rheinisches Braunkohlerevier

Climate Justice Training (GBG)

15. Juli 2017 um 10:00 Karl Johansgatan 160 in Göteborg, Sverige, SE-414 51

For everybody, experienced or not, who want to take action for justice and a safer climate and are interested or experienced in non-violent action.
With trainers with different experiences, this day of training will focus on strategies, practical skills, action experiences, emotional sustainability and risks in the struggle for climate justice.
We focus especially on the upcoming actions at Fossilgasfällan's action here in Göteborg, as well as Ende Gelände, the action against coal mining in Germany - stepping stones to create a resilient, long-term climate movement.

And - we will provide you with lunch, all for free! So - get a good night's rest, turn up on time, and see you there for a great day.

To register, just put your name in the form here:

About Climate Justice Program: We are a collective of trainers who organize events to enable people to step up their engagement for climate justice and strengthen the climate movement.